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[fancyheading textcolor=”#444444″ heading=”large” align=”textcenter”]Welcome to Complete Mobile Drug Testing
[/fancyheading] [fancyheading heading=”h3″ align=”textcenter”]Your Premier Source for 24/7 Mobile Drug Testing, Background Checks, DNA/Paternity Testing and Fingerprinting[/fancyheading] Established in 2011, Complete Mobile Drug Testing has become a trusted provider of drug testing, pre-employment background screening and paternity testing for businesses, courts and families in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and surrounding areas.
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[fancyheading textcolor=”#ffffff” heading=”xlarge” align=”textcenter”]Our Services
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DOT Compliant Pre-Employment, Random and Post-Accident Drug Testing. 24/7 Mobile Testing.
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Customized Background Screening Solutions with 24/7 Web-Based Application for Ordering, Tracking and Receiving Background Check Data.
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Legal, Personal and Immigration DNA and Paternity Testing.
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NATA/NFCC Compliant Fingerprinting by Trained and Certified Technicians (FBI Database).

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